Kwaku Duah-Yentumi

President & Co-Founder

Kwaku Duah-Yentumi is the President and Co-Founder of Linky Group Inc. His vision for founding the company was spurred on by his 10 years’ experience managing Transportation, Fleet and Logistics in the Oil and Gas industry.

Ivan Oppong

Vice President & Co- Founder

Ivan Oppong is the Vice President and Co-Founder of Linky Group Inc. His passion and drive for entrepreneurship contributed to the establishment of the company as a State of Florida entity with foreign qualification to do business in the State of Maryland.

Nana Duah-Yentumi

Chief Financial Officer

Nana Duah-Yentumi is the Chief Financial Officer and a Co-Founder of Linky Group Inc. At a very young age he had a sharp business acumen that led him to establish Duyent Global Incorporated, a brokerage firm which brokered freight forwarding and cargo haulage contracts for transportation companies.