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Mission Statement

We at Linky Group Inc are focused on providing the most secure, reliable, on-time dry cargo and freight delivery service while working together closely with you the customer to ensure your satisfaction. Our top most priority is to create a good quality relationship, whilst meeting optimal quality standards at a competitive rate, between our quality experts at Linky Group Inc. and customers thus ensuring that customers know and will entrust their logistic requirements to us,Linky Group Inc. seeks to become a global force in the ground cargo transportation with our nationwide networking, dedicated staff, advanced technology applications and commitment to top notch services.

The Linky Group Inc. Philosophy

Our philosophy at Linky Group Inc is to provide our customers with consistent services uniquely tailored to their needs. In order to achieve this, we abide by principles such as
  • Preserving objectivity and customer focus at all times.
  • Maintaining the highest standard of integrity.
  • Being innovative in our approach to problem solving.
  • Encouraging teamwork with highly trained and motivated employees.
  • Investing in high quality and well maintained facilities and equipment.
  • Adopting a hands-on operational management leadership technique.
  • Continuously developing systems utilising the latest and up to date technology.
  • Ensuring proper consideration for all welfare and safety issues.
  • Establish and maintain high quality control standards
  • At Linky Group Inc. we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are constantly provided with the best possible service whilst maintaining quality and efficiency. This practice ultimately leads to recurrent business and the establishment of long term relationships with our trusted clients.

    Linky Group

    Linky Group Inc. (LGI) is a registered transportation and logistics company based in the United States established by three young social and serial entrepreneurs. Linky Group Inc. is located in the high commerce region of Palm Beach County, Florida and Washington DC Metro Area. Our management team has the combined experience of 30 years in transportation, logistics and freight forwarding industry. Our company aims to provide the best possible service whilst maintaining quality and efficiency which leads to the recurrent business and long term relati0nships. We maintain a modern fleet of multiple 26 foot Straight box trucks that haul up to 10,000 pounds of cargo. The trucks are equipped with Electronic Logging Device (ELD), Dashboard Camera and a GPS system that provides safety, security and real time delivery updates. Linky Group Inc. aims at being a strong competitor in the transportation industry by providing robust technology infused solutions for a safe, reliable and timely execution of our services. At Linky Group Inc. we make our customers our priority by insuring all cargo hauled for $100,000 with an A++ rated insurance company.

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